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Shane Kellerman

Mortgage Banker  //  NMLS #366768

I have been in the mortgage business for over 13 years and moved to The Molly Dean Team in 2022. As the newest Mortgage Banker on The Molly Dean Team, I strive to ensure my clients have the best possible home loan experience from start to finish by communicating with them in detail and providing the tools/tips necessary to easily understand and navigate them through the process. The Molly Dean Team allows me to provide YOU the smoothest home loan experience possible which is why I joined. Molly’s ability to think outside the box and structure loans differently additionally allows me to provide you the best possible deal when purchasing a home. My skill set and knowledge is something I am always perfecting.

My son and I spend most of our time at the baseball park getting cheered on by my beautiful wife Elece – who also happens to delve in the realty world. Overall, I am a dedicated family man with a strong heart and a passion to help you find a home! Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time! 710-6445
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Shane Kellerman

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